Have you ever taken time to do thorough research on the skin products you use?

Well, as you reflect on that, URA has shut down over 20 shops in Kikuubo business lane said to be selling creams containing dangerous chemicals that can cause mental illness, cancer, allergies, kidney failure and eventual death.

These traders are not happy with officers of the Uganda Revenue Authority who executed a crackdown on shops selling fake beauty products.

The angry traders argued that URA should focus on dealing with companies manufacturing the creams or intercept them at the border before they get into the country.

This protest attracted police to intervene and pacify the bitter traders.

At least 120 beauty products in this category are banned for health reasons, but unscrupulous traders smuggle them into the country and sell them, according to information from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

There are ladies who spend half of their income on skin lightening creams with hydroquinone to boost their self-esteem and keep up with trends.

But these products were long declared unhealthy for use because the ingredients the manufacturers add, like mercury and hydroquinone, are absorbed into the body through the skin and enter body organs, including the brain resulting into contraction of diseases like skin cancer, kidney failure and allergies.

There are some simple checks one can conduct to ascertain the authenticity of the skin products they use;