Supreme Court of Kenya ruling on Presidential Petition September 1, 2017


    Summary of the Supreme Court’s Registrar assembled team of experts (Supreme Court issued orders but IEBC defied most) to physically examine the 34A and B forms and IEBC Servers:

    1. That nearly a third of the forms have irregularities: some are blank, some are signed in the same handwriting, some come from polling stations that didn’t officially exist, some show results that differed from the totals, and from the totals announced by the electoral commission, and thousands lack official stamps, signatures, and watermarks.

    2. That some 5 million votes, enough to affect the outcome, were not verified.

    3. On examining the IEBC logs the Supreme Court-appointed team found that numerous unauthorized users had entered the system before and after the election

    4. That the electoral commission chairman had uploaded and removed 34A forms,

    5. And that some polling center results had been added before the election had actually occurred. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on September 1, but on August 29, the court registrar

    6. That the $24 million KIEMS system supposed to enable scans of the 34A forms to be sent to the electoral commission and posted online immediately, so they could be double checked by all parties and the public ‘broke down’ at polling stations all across the country, so only the numbers were sent to Nairobi, often not by the new system but by text message.