Lt. Gen. Tumukunde vows to crush the notorious Kifeesi

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde vows to crush the notorious Kifeesi


Incoming security minister retired lieutenant general Henry Tumukunde has warned to flush out the infamous Kifeesi gang that is reportedly behind the broad daylight robberies both on the streets of Kampala and at residences in the suburbs.

During a hand over ceremony held at the president’s office, Tumukunde described the kifeesi as a group thriving on complicity from the security forces and he simply needs to refine that structure to bring an end to them.

In an apparent reaction to president Museveni’s directive that the new cabinet should not delay in taking decisions, retired lieutenant general  Henry Tumukunde has assigned himself to tackle the current security threat to city dwellers….  to fight the notorious kifeesi gang that police has attempted to wipe out but in vain.

This Monday, police spokesperson Fred Enanga warned the public on Kifeesi’s new approach of masquerading as UMEME or National Water employees and robbing families of household items using small trucks. What remains to be seen is whether the new security minister will either form a parallel force to fight kifeesi or team up with the police since he insists he is a team player.

Tumukunde who  previously served as the director general of The internal security organization also promised to equip district internal security organization operatives commonly known as DISOs, observing that it is the best way to encourage intelligence gathering at the grassroots.