Heroes Day 2016 Facts, Why Buikwe to Host? Who to receive Medals...

Heroes Day 2016 Facts, Why Buikwe to Host? Who to receive Medals today.


Thursday this week, June 9, marks thirty-five years since a resistance supporter, Eddidian Babumba Mukiibi Luttamaguzi was brutally murdered by the fascist second UPC regime, and from his sacrifice we use the day of his death to pay tribute to some of our forbearers.

Therefore, this year’s Heroes Day which is set to be celebrated on the 9th June 2016 will take place at Ssi T/C, Ssi sub county, Buikwe District, on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Our THEME is: “Concretizing the gains of our Heroes is a duty for every Ugandan”. The Chief Guest will be H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who will be accompanied by many local and foreign guests.

The President will on the same day give out various categories of medals to 650 recipients.  Since the National Honours and Awards law was enacted in 2001, over 18,000 medals of various categories have been awarded, some to foreign Heads of State.
From the theme, it means every Ugandan by their contributions however modest is expected to know and take as their duty and obligation to build Uganda through hard and honest works so as to pay vigil and eternal tribute to our heroes and champions, and ourselves to strive to be role models to future generations.

Buikwe was chosen to host this year’s festivities because of its historical contribution to the liberation struggle especially hosting another liberation movement (UFM) that was led by the late Lutakome Kayiira.

Without delving much into the chaotic years under her earlier leaders, Uganda is now a proud beneficiary of the unprecedented revolutionary leadership of its liberators, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) who planted seeds of political and economic recovery that brought the country back to a better position of global competiveness. Uganda can now indisputably negotiate her position with key global players with dignity and respect, thanks to the stewardship of the NRM government under President Yoweri Museveni.

In just a space of 30 years, the country has registered unrivaled progress in major sectors of the economy, despite political disturbance by some self-seekers in a few parts of the country. As responsible citizens, Ugandans are called upon by the 1995 constitution to participate in the development of their country.

Young men and women sacrificed their lives during the years of resistance for the development and good governance of Uganda! They endured humiliation, lost limbs, eyes, while others died and remain in unmarked graves. Many abandoned their studies, lost their names whereas others deserted their families to bring an end to tyranny and turmoil in Uganda. These courageous men and women trekked long distances without water, food and most times without shelter. In leading the resistance and liberation, and now the successful completion of the recovery, Museveni has been joined by many equally courageous people who are working for the socio-economic transformation of Uganda.

It therefore goes without mentioning, that Uganda has come afar! The peace and stability that the country continues to enjoy was hard earned by a lot of sacrifices and bloodshed. The heroes died for Uganda and this country made a commitment through an Act of Parliament to celebrate them every year on 9th June.
The democratic atmosphere prevailing in Uganda today must be entrenched and used to enhance vibrant and healthy political and business competition for socio-economic transformation through inclusivity and equity.

Like President Museveni remarked while giving the State of Nation Address to the 10th parliament last week, “I stand before you today as a proud Jajja (grandfather) that has been engaged continuously for the last fifty years in the struggle for the liberation of our people, the recovery of our economy and its growth and expansion as well as the socio-economic transformation of our country. Using that historical vantage point, I am able to confidently say that Uganda is now on the point of take-off, obstacles and problems notwithstanding”, Museveni remarked.

Finally, All Ugandans are duty bound to contribute to the peace and stability that this country badly needs in order to be able to develop Uganda into a middle income status nation by 2020. Every Ugandan should pre-occupy their valuable time and energy with innovation to trigger prosperity if not for all, at least the majority. Those who attempt to preach violence remain and should be considered as enemies of this country and should be isolated, and where possible be made to face appropriate justice.

Hon.  Frank K. Tumwebaze
Minister for Presidency and KCCA,
MP Kamwenge County, Kibaale District

Credit: UMC Website – Press Statement.