Interview with Professor Mondo Kagongyera about the Nyaka project

Interview with Professor Mondo Kagongyera about the Nyaka project


On JacksonKaguri complementing him:

 Mondo: Very rewarding……he continues,  “ wonderful man, do committed at serving mankind, that if he makes any statement about you, You should welcome it with both hands.”

On why he believed in the project

Because all my life, I have always had some room in my heart for other people……Being supported by other people opened my life on how it is good to reach out to those who are less fortunate than you are.

On leadership:

I have been in public life for about 49 years now. And I can assure you every position I have held I have served as well as I possibly could in the interests of people I intended to serve….

On the dream turning into a huge Reality:

I feel fantastic absolutely

What he saw in JK dream that others possibly didn’t:

Many people pretend that they don’t see. They actually do! But ignore. They have the eyes, the ears, the brains like you and I, but seemingly ignore.

Mondo: As a teacher I have been a transformer of many young people

On the successes of Nyaka:

I feel extremely happy that I have made a modest contribution. ……I am just a cheerleader- so that others can rally around….

Why he thinks Nyaka has been successful?

Because this young man- Jackson- has been very clear whole his life. Many people will go abroad to raise money for personal needs, not Nyaka and Jackson! Every penny is utilized for every intended project.

Do you feel you have done enough?

Not at all. I wish we extended this programme to other parts of the country.

Why focus on education:

I am an African and I recognize that the African race is the most disadvantaged race in the world. We are the poorest, most ignorant, we have more disease, wars, we know very little peace in many parts and therefore I’m eminently concerned about the causes of all these problems. The major cause is lack of knowledge, which you can only acquire through education.