Over View

“The Coffee Shop” is a meeting place for four friends; three ladies and one guy. It is not always busy during the day but gets quite busy in the evenings, on weekends and on holidays.

The friends have become regulars at the coffee shop and have a regular spot that is always reserved for them. The four friends, Lisa 28, Monica 25, Christine 34 and Adam 30, discuss the challenges that they are facing in day to day life. The lives of the coffee shop owner, and the waitress who always serves them, is also a part of the show.


Lisa has come to the coffee shop with Christine. They have heard that the city council wants to close down the shop as a result of some irregularities. Lisa is in her bank tellers’ uniform and she has left work without notice.

Mrs. Muturi: is in tears and the girls are trying to cheer her up.

Christine and Lisa: come in and they are calm. They want to know what exactly went wrong and Mrs. Muturi fills them in. She starts to make phone calls.

Monica comes into the coffee shop and takes one look at Mrs. Muturi and bursts into tears. Christine has connections in the government and they are trying to convince her to call up someone. One of Christine’s ex-boyfriends can get Mrs. Muturi out of trouble but Christine will not call him up.

Allan: comes in and takes charge of the situation along with Mr. Tendo. They reminisce on the thoughts they had about each other when they first met. The city council officials come and order them all to get out!l to get out!