Civil servants are the cause of Museveni’s low support in Wakiso

Civil servants are the cause of Museveni’s low support in Wakiso


WAKISO district RDC Ian Kyeyune has blamed civil servants in the district for being corrupt leading to poor performance.

Addressing people at the swearing in ceremony of the municipality mayor Regina Bakitte at Nansana municipality offices on Friday, Kyeyune said that civil servants do not put government money to proper use and they encourage corruption yet president Museveni is serious on fighting corruption and this has given chance to opposition political parties to take key positions in the district.

Kyeyune advised the mayor Regina Bakitte to work with the NRM government and help president Museveni to implement his manifesto if she is to work for the people of Nansana municipality because it’s government with the money.

“The main purpose of leadership is service to the people. This is the time you’re supposed to forget about your DP colors and work with the NRM government “said Kyeyune.

He further advised Bakitte to work with all people basing on their values, proposals and ideas but not considering their political parties.

Added that NRM government is going to provide money for development to Wakiso district and Wakiso is to be given a city status but urbanization has its challenge of population increase which the municipality authorities must handle very well by having proper physical planning.

Since Nansana is known for insecurity country wide the municipality was advised to follow security measures put in place by the government.

Wakiso district chairman Matia Lwanga Bwanika also attended the swearing in ceremony of the fellow DP member and he advised the mayor Bakitte to first work on roads by tarmacking them because people are tied of durst.

“Your manifesto is very big and you cannot handle everything at ago and if you do it, you will definitely fail but you need to handle one at a time”Bwanika said.

He added that Uganda is a rich country but the only problem is that the interests of the leaders in Uganda are different from the interests of the people they serve.

Bwanika aslo advised the mayor to revamp community work so that Nansana municipality gets one day and people clean the municipality so that people can prepare their minds from a village style to urban way of doing things and this will stop people from lettering.

The municipality mayor Regina Bakitte promised to work with the NRM government though she is from Democratic Party.

Bakitte promised to do so many things among them include motivating the municipality workers by giving them good salaries so that they do not even mishandle the municipality funds.

According to the mayor, education and health sectors need immediate attention because there are so many hospitals without toilets and mothers do die due to luck of drugs in health facilities a situation she cannot look on as it continues under her leadership.

She however, requested the RDC Kyeyune to use his influence and extend government scholarships so that people get a reasonable level of education and this will stop having people who do not know to swear in.

Among other areas Bakitte is going to put much emphasis include water and sanitation, garbage collection, crime by marking black spots and many others.

They later voted Kalungi Moses from NRM as the Nansana municipality speaker after beating Magembe Henry Lwanga from DP with 32 votes and Magembe got 20 votes.